Welcome to the world of Indians in Vinetu Village!

„Vinetu kaimas“ is an authentic campsite of North American Indians, settled in a beautiful valley of the river Danė near the Klaipėda city.

 It is a place where anyone explore the rich and colourful Native American Indian culture.

Challenges and main activities:

  • skirtukas_1Gallery Talks & Tours: explore the rich and colourful Native American Indian culture.

  • Indian open-air museum: expositions and educational activities, rituals and annual celebrations for kids, adults or whole families.

  • An active entertainments: corporate meetings or private events, birthdays, weddings, hen and stag parties, school season end or graduation parties, relatives meetings and any other celebrations; when you participate in real Indian life, rituals and learning games with spirit and emotions.

  • Accommodation in authentic Indian wigwams and camping.

  • The cultural heritage: Indian tavern, culinary arts and native dances, authentic sweat sauna with rituals, historic ceremonial „peace pipe“, drum ritual in touch with spiritual side, various handicrafts and souvenirs, workshops.

  • Active leisure: archery tournaments and battles, horse riding, canoeing and kayaking, hiking, biking, swimming, orientation games in surrounding historic mounds, Baltic sea wild beach and dunes in Nemirseta (15 minutes by car).

    The most attraction – Summer camp for kids and adults: life in harmony with nature, explore yourself and the Great Spirit!

For more information on our services please contact us:

by e-mail:  info@vinetukaimas.lt
call by phone: +370 602 50008
(ask Jurgita or Mindaugas), we speak English, Russian and Deutsch.

GPS: 55°51’07.5″ N21°12’38.8″E or 55.852083, 21.210778

We are located between Palanga and Klaipeda cities, near to the Baltic Sea coast in western part of Lithuania.

In Vinetu Village you will be able to look at and also to spend a night in the authentic, colourfully decorated Tipi tents – dwellings where Indians of the Great Plains used to live. Here you will have the possibility to know the depth of Indian culture, to see their traditional household tools, clothes, costumes, musical instruments, and various kinds of weapons, and try them all in practice. You will appear in the real prairie and have good time, but also you will have a chance to enrich your understanding about Indians by participating in various recreational activities that are fun and educational. You will learn more about the history, culture, and traditions of Indians, hear their life‘s wisdom, meaning of shamanism, and know about their love to Mother earth, nature, and animals. Additionally, you will have a chance to understand the meaning of the magic ritual dance while listening to the shamanic drum vibrations. You will take part in the ceremonies of smoking the pipe of peace and burying the hatchet. Also, you will have a chance to test your strength in the competitions, which were intended to prepare young Indians for the adult life.

In Vinetu Village children will be able to feel themselves as real indians of the praire, while the adults will remember themselves playing indians in their childhood after reading the books written by Karl May, J. F. Cooper, Liselotte Welskopf, and others.

Water lovers will enjoy kayaking or canoeing in various scenic trails along the rivers of Žemaitija –Samogitia. Also, you will be able to try your eye sharpness and hand quickness while shooting from indian weapons: bows and blow gun.

Sauna lovers will relax in the Indian sauna Inipi, which includes various rituals and is called „a second birth of the soul“ or “the sauna of seven sweats of the soul“, which use for the health is known and these days.

All what you will learn and try during the activities described above will let you know more about the culture of Indians, and feel Indian spirit and its meaning in our modern world.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Vinetu Village where with the help of Winnetou – the chief of the tribe, you will be able to celebrate various events and parties such as birthday parties, student parties, christening parties, wedding eve parties, various company events, and meetings with friends, relatives or classmates, or celebrate any other special occasion that you will always remember!




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