In the Native American history museum “Vinetu village”, surrounded by nature in the open air, educational and entertainment programs will be taking place. It is a perfect opportunity for families, friends, or colleagues to travel back the time and learn about Native American history and culture, by becoming a Native American for a second. During the program you will learn about Native American history and their recent life, as well about their culture, manners, rituals, lifestyle, and weapons.
In the ceremony tent TIPI you will attend the ritual, where you will receive totemic name, you will get your face painted, dance, get familiar and learn about various amulets, totemic columns, ceremonial pipes, and other sacred talismans’ meanings and their importance to the Native American culture.
During the program you will visit the museum and get familiar with museum exposition which was collected in decades. Practical activities: bow and spittoon shooting contests; spear and tomahawk throwing that will allow you to test your own strength, as well experience and examine various other things. In the energetic maze you will get to know yourself and make your dreams and desires to come true.
Duration – 1,5 hour.
Price for adults – 8 €, for children, seniors, and disabled people – 6 €
There will be discounts for up to 15 people groups.