It is live experience of learning about archaic weapons, where one will get to know and practice the art of warfare and hunting, learn the strategy and tactics, and not through the video games, but through the real practice in cognitive game – friendly bow fighting.
The fight is safe and is set in the specific area, where helmets will be provided in order to protect your head; as well bows are being made with the special soft endings, therefore they do not cause any pain.

Personality traits such as courage, trust, friendliness, and organizational, strategical and tactical skills are expressed and unfolded in this experiential game.
Thorough the game the workers will be there to help out, assist, and look after.
The game is suitable to play from the brave 12 years old teens to any age, as long one is confident about his or her ability to wield the bow.

Price is 10 € per person.
Duration is 2 hours.


Meeting the leader of Native Americans;
Trip to the village;
Face painting, receiving Indian name;
The Vinetu Program. (Program is taking place in the ceremony tent Tipi. During the program children will learn about the Native American culture, get familiar of how their children are living, how do they become hunters; will learn the peculiarity of hunting, traditional dances, and will get to play Native American games).
Obstacle course, games, and contests;
Bow shooting with teaching and supervision;
Spittoon shooting with teaching and supervision;
Ring throwing on bison horns;
Spear throwing;
Meeting local wild animals;
A group picture with Native Americans;

Snack time: TACOS with cheese, vegetables and tomato sauce + herbal tea OR TACOS with chocolate + herbal tea
It is an active program during which the cultural and historical stages of Native Americans are presented, there are introduced and performed outside games, various contests and tasks that improve coordination, reaction, movements, courage, and confidence.
Program price 13.50 € including lunch,
10€ for children with no meals included.

In the ceremony tent TIPI you will attend the ritual, where you will receive totemic Native American name, you will get your face painted, dance, and get familiar with various amulets, totemic columns, ceremonial pipes, and other sacred talismans’ meanings and their importance to the Native American culture.
During the program you will visit the museum and get familiar with museum exposition which was collected in decades. Practical activities: bow and spittoon shooting contests, spear and tomahawk throwing that will allow you to test your own strength, as well experience and examine various other things. In the energetic maze you will get to know yourself and make your dreams and desires to come true.
Duration – 1,5 hour
Price  – 10 €
There will be discounts for up to 15 people groups.

In the tent you will attend the quiz game. Various difficulty levels will allow children to be concerned and get familiar with the history, culture, lifestyle, manner, and faith of the America‘s continent, as well they will learn about peculiarities of Native American hunting and warfare.
You will visit the Native American museum where you will explore various sacred artifacts, weapons, clothing, accessories, art ware and various other objects.
The bravest ones will get to test their skills in the shooting contests: bow shooting, spittoon shooting, spear and horseshoe throwing, and other shooting contests.
In the mysterious energetic maze you will get to reveal your deepest dreams and desires in order for them to come true and bring you happiness.
Animal lovers will meet local mustangs, sheep, goats, hens, ducks and colorful turkeys.

Duration – 2.5 hours, 30 minutes break
Price including meals – 13.5€ per person
Price not including meals – 10 € per person



Children will have opportunity to make up their own attributes – dream catcher, tent Tipi; will reveal their creativity and artistic skills by modeling and painting on clay, molding the pot or saucer.
Duration – 1 hour. Price – 5 EUR/per person by choosing one craft.

It is an activity during which you will get to know the creatures and their powers, as well you will identify your own power and find yourself in one of the creatures.
Duration – 1 hour. Price – 5 € per person.

Horseback riding is the gift of nature that allows us to experience the harmony between the man and the animal. It was a common thing for Native Americans of prairies when before going to fight, they would decorate and paint their horses – the symbols had various meanings. The massive, muscular body and great intuition of animal were always keeping his rider safe in various situations.