It is a perfect purification ritual for your body and soul that Native Americans are using for thousands of years. After this bathing ritual you will feel as you were reborn for the second time, the special powers will flow into you. Inipi will enable you to fall into the peace and it is going to be a refresh for your body and soul. After being fluttered with the bundle of wild flowers, and pouring the herbs decoction over the heated stones, you will wash away the tiredness of the week and rebuild the optimism and healthy attitude of life.
The Indian Inipi, bundle of wild flowers, and herbs decoction cost 40 € for 3-4 hours up to 12 people.
The Sweat Lodge (with fur), tea, herbs decoction, and ritual cost 65 € for 3-4 hours up to 12 people.

We offer you a tourist water hike down by the Minija or Akmena-Danė river. Hike duration – from 1 to 3 days. Furthermore, you can choose your own river and hike road in the region of Žemaitija. You can also choose a cognitive trip with canoe through Klaipėda and suburbs.
We can also drive you to the starting point of your hike and take you from the ending point. Price is by the agreement.
Kayak for two. Work days – 18 €, weekends and holidays – 20 €
Canoe for three. Work days – 20 €, weekends and holidays 24 €
Canoe for four. Work days – 25 €, weekends and holidays – 27 €
Additional inventory: life vest – 1 €, hermetic bag – 2 €

„Vinetu village“ campsite services:
Campsite personal fee 4 €
Space for tent: two-person tent 3 € /day, four-person tent 4€ /day

Price includes: space for tent, volleyball, basketball, football fields, fireplace, beach, swings, fishing spot, solar shower, restrooms. Free for children up to 5 years old!!!

Tourist inventory rent:
Tourist tent: two-person, three-person, four-person tent from 5 € /day
Sleeping bag 3 € /day
Sleeping mattress 2 € /day

Additional inventory rent, everything up to 2 €: boiler, ax, skewers, BBQ grid, crockery, ball, towel…
Outside and inside games rent for 1 €: badminton, domino, darts, checkers and chess, various playing cards…

Arbor rent for campers:
Arbor + fireplace + grill + skewers = 4 € per person. Birch wood – 10 € per barrow

Wisdom of the Indians

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